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Sharktopus Savages!

Well, I'm definitely back in the conversion groove. Starting with some of my favourite old standbys, we have some Savage Orc bodies. I get them from Hoard O' Bits for (slightly) less than a buck a body. The weapons and arms are pretty cheap, too. But you have to get a couple of sets of them to fully kit out the bodies. That, or, you can go to something else for arms, like robot figures to make partial cyborgs (oooh ... I should write that down) or cheap plastic little octopi tentacles! Hmmmmm....

Also, since I am making a squad of these guys (13), I want the leader to be big (a good motif for primitives using orc bodies), so I co-opted a Goliath Hero Clix figure. Bigger than regular 'Clix (~28-32mm or so), but smaller than the giant ones. Plus it's a good, aggressive pose!

Pay no mind to those three Yugioh Clix in the background ... muahahahah!

This is the gist of it. Orc bodies, one arm, and a weapon plus little plastic shark heads and octopus tentacles for the other arm. Some righties and some lefties, too ... I like that variety.

I'm revisiting a favourite trick here, too. I started with some blue paint for the base color (over black primer) and after each figure, I added a little green to the color. That makes each one a unique blue/green shade, but keeps them all in a tight spectrum.

I think the camera (or, more likely, the .jpeg algorithm) normalizes the colors, so you can only see three shades here. If you try it yourself, you will get much better results in person.

Here's the whole horde (with the leader in back) after adding a light underbelly, drybrushing highlights, painting the weapons grey and clothes brown, and a dark dark dark green (almost black) wash. And I blooded the weapons and added random splatter on the arms/pecs and the occasional blood-stained mouth.

Here's a close up of the leader (I added a loincloth over the spandex hero body with a couple bits of paper) and two of the (three) team leaders. Thirteen figures equals three teams of three plus one team leader, plus one overall squad leader. The team leaders are all hammer heads for ease of identification if I use rules that gives team leaders different stats or abilities over rank and file guys. Sharktopi. Whatever.

And another random close up (the only one that came out decent). The guy on the left there is one of my faves.


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