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Binnacle Bits!

After making the Sharktopus Men I had some headless shark bodies left over. Since I've already used headless sharks to make sharks with laser heads, I wanted to go a different direction. So I gave them heads. And arms.

The big issue was basing. I got some (GW maybe?) leftover bases I had and bored holes into them. Then I just ran some insulated electrical wire through them and up into the troll-headed fish-monsters.

Since I had the GW ogre heads out, I went ahead and put some on one of my favourite conversions bits, the Anton Arcane Heroclix - half sinister magician, half spider. Both halves useful!

So here are the spider headed trolls. I will probably do more of these as they are pretty creepy.

These are just more weird than creepy, but I like them. They would also work well as a Mister Mind/Bookworm character figure. That's the nice thing about making lots of odd conversion groups. If you just put one in a scenario, it is a character figure.

And since I had the snails and shells out. Well, I already had them out for the sharks.

It's always important to put them into scale. How tall is your giant snail? How big is a giant spider-troll? How high do your manta rays fly?

Did I forget to mention the mantas? The rank-in-file ones are the cheap little "good luck" mini animals. The big one came from the bag of plastic sea creatures. I have another squad, just like this one.


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