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Austrians on Ostriches

Close on the heels of my scrunts from Bob Olley, I have finished up a project for some Gnome Wars figures.

Since I mad the germans into Austrians I also wanted to do some special cavalry for them ... and what better cavalry for Austrians than Austriches? ... er ... ostriches?

So the first thing to do is to remove the legs. This method may have been a bit of overkill, but it worked and it was quick. No laboring, no bits of metal shavings and broken saw blades. Plus, it was just a bit fun.

Here you can see how it went. First, I cut half the heads off the ostriches and turned them to face a different direction. Next, I glued a piece of yarn around them to hold the saddles. Last, I mad a square howdah looking thing from Procreate clay to stick the riders in. In placing them, I alternated which side of the neck the lance (well, pitchfork) goes on to maximize variety of appearance.

Here they are in company with the other Austrian gnomes of their unit.

I think the color scheme works well for the birds as well as integrating into the unit as a whole.

And one last shot of all ten of them. I used a different figure for the cavalry leader, so I had to give him a matching pointy hat from Knedatite, as well.


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