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Octopocalypse Now Contest

In honor of our new QILS skrimish campaign, Octopi Wall Street, we are offering up a set of custom converted minis appropriate for the game.

Follow the link above and grab OWS (and QILS, if you don't have it), play it, and write up an After Action Review (AAR) for one of the scenarios. Tell us how it went. Who won? By how much? Why? What did you like? What else could we do?

Take a gander at our prize below, the Servant and six of the cult's chosen to get your motivation up and running:

While the scenarios come with printable terrain and minis, and they are originally written for (and play tested under) QILS, don't feel obliged to use any of that. We'd love to see the awesome minis you use, or know how well the scenarios worked using our guidelines to convert them to other systems. Play the whole campaign. Play a few one-offs. Whatever.

Once you've got all that sorted out and documented with pictures, send a .doc, .htm & .jpg, or .pdf of your AAR to and you're entered. Make sure you include a good email address that we can use to get back to you if you win. We will take submissions until 31 JAN, 2014 and hope to have the results posted and the prize in the mail by the end of February.

Contest disclaimers and such in plain English: This is our contest, so our decision and decision process is final and above reproach. Take up issues with the Meliai in our complaint department.

If you send an AAR to us, we may publish it on the site here and link to it from our Facebook page, or maybe not. By sending an AAR to us, you give us permission to publish it, in whole or in part, but not to claim we own it. Make sure the identification you provide when you send it is how you want it attributed if we do use it.

We don't claim that this contest is anything other than what it says on the surface. A giveaway of some figures to someone who gives us some good feedback on our game. Nothing else is stated or implied.

Legal mess done. I feel dirty. I'm taking a shower. Good gaming!


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