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Faeries Wear Wings!

So I got some fantasy female hobbits and dwarves that I was going to cobble together in a unit. But no matter what you think about scale inconsistency on human males is, for female non-human small races ... it's worse.

Oh ... I think one of those is a gnome. Or maybe the gnome fit size better with the dwarves.

So, we bring in this little bit of gear from the craft store. It has three settings, so it's pretty complex as far as shaped paper cutters go. There's the basic wing shape, the low-res pattern, and the high resolution pattern.

It's a bit expensive. But if you have a use for it ...

... like giving die-hard 40K players appoplectic fits or making a kill team for your niece, it's worth the purchase.

And then we're back to the current project, using wings to leverage some figures that were too small for their intended use.

I have the hobbits (and gnome or not)mounted on a heroclix flying figure base (newere Hawkman). This gets them off the ground and also let me cut the bases at different angles to create the feel of them flitting around in different directions.

I hand drew the wings, doing the thick lines first with a Sharpie and the finer lines with a ball point pen. The figures are sealed with matte sealant, but the wings got two layers of gloss for that gossamer effect.

Here they are with some (probably very surprised) Spanish 28mm figures for a size reference.