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Patrick the Starspawn

OK, this is a dumb little toy that I got from a candy machine. I didn't even get it. My wife got it for me. Not because I wanted the toy, but because I wanted the little plastic capsule. That said, waste not, want not.

A bit of Crayola Model Magic clay should do the trick. It's pretty simple to add on, then add suckers, eyes and orifices with toothpics.

Nothing left to do here but paint him up. I went with a traditional black and grey dry brush to match a lot of my other formless abominations. I'm not sure why an alien monster necessarily has to have red inside its mouth(es), but on something without a lot of familiar cues to the function of various buboes and carbuncles, sticking to a familiar color scheme can help.

Also, since the underlying clay is white, cracking it with a knife allows you to make really good outlines that help distinguish where tentacle ends and body begins.


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