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Paperclip Skeletons

Everyone loves skellies because they are easy to paint. I also love skellies because I can get job lots of them cheap. And it really doesn't matter if a few are missing some parts. In fact, I prefer that.
This lot, however, has a bunch of torsos without legs. In the past, I have done skellies crawling out of the ground, two torsoes on one set of legs, putting the extra skull or arms on another torso, glued a shield in place without an arm behind it, and so on...

But this time I am making legs. From paper clips! It's nice that the curve in this standard paperclip is roughly the size of the hips of a 28mm skelly.

I bend the whole shape first. It's waaaaaaaaaaaaay easier to do it then cut "the right size piece" then bend it. The feet are too long, too, but again it's easier to bend with more material there, then just clip (no pun intended) it later.

So here's what I ended up with. I could have measured them, but I chose to use a skelly as a reference when bending. They're not robots, so having them a little irregular is OK. Heck, my robots are a little irregular and I like it.

Now glue them on the bases (making an extra base from a plastic gift card when you run out of proper bases). And leave them alone. Until tomorrow. At least. Because we are mixing dissimilar materieals, you really want the parts to be set. Go do another project and come back to it the next day. Or later.

I also primed them first (another reason to let them set). Again, with dissimilar materials, the primer gives the adhesive a more uniform gripping surface.

Then just assemble and paint. Because you know what you are looking for, you can probably pick them out. But maybe not all of them, even when you know.
This would not work for museum-quality diorama figures (for the Museum of Medieval Undead?). But I think it is a good way to deal with broken or missing pieces for skellies.

Completely unrelated, I have these Greebo Minis Skellies. I took the pic a long while ago, so I thought they could show up here. The Greebos are larger and bulkier (also, dressed better). But they are very nice minis and will make (have alredy made) good, easily recognizable leader figures for various skelly units.