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Apothecary of Nurgle

As I was doing up my last set of beakie conversions, I made an extra long beak. I "fixed" it, but the idea kept fermenting in the background ...

Does Nurgle have apothecaries? Wouldn't they be plague doctors? Apparently "No" and "Yes". Which is good enough for me.

Here you can see all the bits I pulled out for him added. I believe I've hit the GW standard of "porting way too much crap so you are too overburdened to actually do anything".

Starting to paint him up made me realize that the paper hole for a hat brim looked more like a bowler than a floppy hat. So I decided to cut some larger brims and add the hole to go over the top of the hat.

That didn't work at all. Mulitple times. Then I realized I could punch a hole in a larger piece of paper and cut the brim out around that.

Much better!

And the final paint up. Nurgley. Apothecaryey. Plaguey. Doctorey.