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Woodpeckers and Crows

This is the last of my "beakie" space marines that I have gotten from various job lots. And it's not enough to make two sets of ten, so I decided that I can do an industrial level of rhinoplasty as an extension of my prior one-off beakie conversions.

Side by side, they're not to different. After I completed this project, I learned that the beakie doesn't have the mohawk on the top of the helmet. Not sweating that.

Since they paint up really nicely as woodpeckers. I am happy that I could find a distinctive and recognizable paintjob instead of just brown things with beaks.
As I have used distinctive birds in the past. Who know what will happen if I get my mitts on another job lot of beakies ...

I had avoided crows and ravens so far simply because ravens would be just an all black paintjob and crows would have a little yellow, but not much else. However, some flas came to me that I could use gold metallic for the crow effect and use matte sealant on the marines and gloss on the weapons (and a couple other bits) to break up the solid black without over decorating them and losing the crow effect.

The banner with an aquila on it was just a bonus.