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So, this mega magnificant Malaysian mythological monstrosity. The pic is from a classic D&D book (where I learned about it), and since I have a ton of other one-off vampires, I thought I would do this one, too.

While a nukekubi - a Japanese female disembodied vampiric head - doesn't necessarily have the trail of entrails, I think this will work fine for her as well.

The key bit is that the head is mounted on a small piece of copper wire. This will give the head support and serve to wrap the guts around in a spirally mess.

This pic shows some bits of Crayola air dry clay for lungs and a heart - the big organs. You can't really sculpt much with this clay, but it is great as (cheap) filler, and for making general shapes like this.

Painting the air dry clay blobs up gives us a decent heart and lungs, and didn't require detailed sculpting.

Speaking of evoking the idea of guts, rather than making an anatomically correct set of organs, the rest of her is just some coloured thread (in this case, spare cross-stitch floss from SWMBO), wrapped around and painted up juicy colours.

Cleaning up the face a bit, that gives us this monster, sneaking up one someone whose friend doesn't seem to be raising the alarm.

Survival and the Buddy System. You don't have to run faster than a penanggalan, just faster than your buddy!