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Panda Express

I never understood why the business with this name wasn't a delivery service. I can't imagine how much extra I would pay to have stuff delivered to me by a rider on a panda.

So, we're going to do something in that spirit

These are pandas from whatever company makes "Toob" containers (which are actually square prisms) full of cheap plastic toys. Only working with these three today, but I have a whole ... well ... tube of them for more stuff later.

Rather than mount a rider (which is a more extensive mod with these chubby little vegetarian-carnivores, so I will have to ponder it a bit longer), we are going to make a parallel to the "FedEx" wagon.

This is a Hussite war wagon that I got in a job lot sale I couldn't figure out the vintage 70's era faded instructions, but I got what I needed from it and was able to add a back with a piece of card and the ball point pen wood technique.

Next, I needed a bit of ailuropodquepage, which is obviously the equivalent of equipage for Ailuropoda Melanoleuca ("black and white cat foot"? Really, biologists?).

Coffee stir sticks to the rescue. You can "wood" them up with the same ballpoint pen technique.

The bit up top is to be the base, which I have sized against the wagon and harness.

Here we have a comparison with a 4Ground wagon and some 28mm minis. I did repaint the pandas and added a wash to bring out highlights. Adding a bit of shadow to the grooves in white fur is the equvalent of bringing out the highlights.

The puller is glued in there, but the driver can be removed. I sized the placement and angle of the wagon walls so he was a snug, but not scraping fit. Later on, I might make other drivers and/or wagon loads.

The guy in the back with the hobo pack on a stick just seemed to be necessary to me for some reason.

Here's a slightly less exotic deployment, if such a thing could be said.

The side, to the extent of my ability, says "panda bear fast delivery".


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