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Pork Fantasy and SciFi

So I got the bits from Hoard o' Bits to make the last few conversions. And I always end up with a couple of these or those left over. They usually end up as unique conversion fodder. This time was no different, and I revisited something from the past.

First, the old. Savage Orc body on bottom; Boar Rider Orc on top. Some kind of 40K Ork arms with scifi weapons. And cheap plastic farm animal heads.

And the new. This time, it's two Savage Orc bodies. I didn't have to use a dedicated cavalry figure for the top one, since there was a pose with legs spread wide enough. Both of these guys have Savage Orc arms/weapons, so they are more primitive than the other one. Also, I've been putting blood on edged weapons and a little splatter recently.


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