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Cartoon Penguins

This week it is a pretty simple paint up. I think the most striking thing about this one is that this nice simple and quick little board game came with some very nicely done miniatures instead of tokens or pogs or whatevers.

Even though this is a cheap and simple little (perfect knowledge) game, if you get a bunch of gamers or ... God forbid ... Operations Research Systems Analysts to play it, it becomes a lot of fun as people try to optimize and readjust as the game is played.

Since they are cheap toy plastic, they need a coat of Krylon flat black primer before painting. That plastic is really slippery and you will spend a lot of time and loose a lot of detail to glooping and layers if you don't prime 'em.

Beyond that, the rest of the job is pretty ... well ... black and white.

I debated on whether or not to keep the bases to identify the teams. Then I realized they were wearing bibs, so I could use those instead. I went with several layers of metallic and flat blue without letting them dry in between. This gives a swirly, watery effect.

I then considered painting the bibs to match the members of the Antarctic Territories Treaty, but once I started painting, I realized it was going to be a real pain (and way beyond my ability-patience mix) to get reasonable flags on those bibs. So I just ended up color coding them, like the bases were at the beginning (though with different colors).

While they are not realistic penguins, the cartoony nature gives them some really nice punch. You can really feel the angst of the penguin who is cursing the sky because he has no fish.


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