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Just one picture, but a decent amount of discussion, so this got a whole blog entry for itself.

The obvious bits are: (1) the The Penguin figure, and (2) a mini-giant rubber ducky. The Penguin is a HeroClix figure, and I just cut him at the waist and stuck him on the duck. What happened to his legs? click here to see.

The duck is a mini duck, much smaller than a regular bathtub rubber duckie, but just right for this project. This one is about right for a 28mm project. It's a little pricey, but other than that, your options are either get a theme decorated one, or buy 1.73 billion ducks at a time. I did neither. I bummed one off a friend who bought 16 bejillion ducks for a school carnival duck pond game. Actually, we paid for half the ducks, pool, and Sharipe markers, so I guess I should write off $.03 less on my taxes for the donation to the school.

If you follow me and my mini madness, it is remarkable that the penguins are not on a flat black base, but a flat white base. That means that wherever the penguins go, they will take a little patch of snow with them. I can tolerate this much more than on other figures, even though I know that penguins in their natural habitat are not 24/7 on snow.

But where are they from? The Penguin! Yes, each one of this model of The Penguin, has three penguins on its base. If I cut Burgess Meredith off for projects, I should also use the pingus. I actaully bought a handful of the 'clix figure for the pingus, instead of the human figure, and I just assumed I would come up with something to do with the human part. He's a decent civilian, and I even made a Hercule Poirot conversion from one. The umbrellas are a bit offputting, but I have cut them off and used them for other projects - mostly parasols, but also tsukumogami.

All the penguins except the biggest one. My penguin emperor is from an animal Toob sets. Again, I'm cheap, so I usually pick them up from a discount bin. But I am also very confident that I will use all the different figures (of different sizes) for some project or another.