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40K Chaos Forces - Nurgle

So, who doesn't like a good plague?
Well, I am a fan. And so is DOM, so I converted up a few Nurgle Chaos Space Marines for a little fun on the tabletop.

These are the base second-hand space marines I got, Nurglified.
I like the spikey bits poking out and the broken/decaying helmets. One thing I did different was I took a bunch of tiny beads and glued them on the outside as "spore sacs". Plague's gotta spread, right?

So here are the basic marines. One helmetless with bleeding eyes and hone with a split helm.
After I painted them up in olive and ochre mix, I gave them a wash of metallic lime green. I think it makes a nice sheen of sickly glistening slime. Then, the piece of resistance, I added "booger". I put a few trails of fabric glue on a sheet of wax paper, and when the glue dries, peel it of for mucous trails. Who doesn't like a good mucous trail?

And three terminermies, too. I had to carve the helmet off one to get an unhelmeted head. Surprisingly no finger cuts to get infected. You never know.

I do not like Nurglings. They basically look like the poop icon. Which I also don't like. But Beyond the Gates of Antares had these whatever they are, which I think make good proto Nurgle sore covered, pustulant things. BtGoA has a lot of nice mini pieces fo scifi.

These are just some of the regular GW Nurgle big boys. The only conversion I did was to remove the poop icon from one of the figure's shoulder.

And then, plaguewalkers. Or, in this case, plague zombies from Zombicide. We used these as replacement figures for enemies that were killed by plague attacks vice regular kinetic attacks.

And I had an itch. So I had to scratch. This rhino is a cardboard box in the middle with tracks that I cut from craft foam. The basic shape came together so easily, I am thinking of making a few more. Beyond that, I added a few plates and hatches for detail. But not too much for this one since ...

I'm going to Nurgle it up, anyway. The gun is just some bit I have lying around from probably some six-inch action figure that a converted for Shadowrun Duels a millenia ago or so. But, all in all, pretty Nurglriffic, n'est pas?