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Iron Snakes Titan

So this is not the titan, but it is the referent for my Iron Snakes so you can see what the titan needs to match. And show off this conversion bit. Basically, the IS are Greek speece mareeenz and the fluff even says they fight in a classic phalanx.

So I thought rather than chainswords, they would have chainspears. I know there is a "power spear", but that just looks like a regular spear, so I feel chainspears are much more in the vibe.

I just cut the handles off some chainswords and mounted them on pieces of paperclips. These ones had a red plastic covering, so that matched the colour scheme already. You can see I had to custom bend a few of them to get them in the arm gap, but still looking like a straight piece. I think this is easier than resculpting arms and shoulders.

OK ... to the titan. According to my extensive reserch on 1d4chan - the source of all knowledge - there are "knight" titans, which are like 9m tall, which is roughly 6" in scale (for 28mm stuff).

That led me to a gundam model called Z'Gok which is 1/144 scale, but ends up about 6" tall, which works for the size thing I need in the scale I need it in.

Paint on the sprue? Don't paint on the sprue? Sometimes one, sometimes the other. This time, I spray painted all the red Z'Gok bits silver to match the Iron Snakes colour scheme.

This is a simple model, so he goes together easy and ends up looking like this.

I have a leftover gun from some toy down there in the lower right size, so I will mount that on his arm.

But the 40K police would come after me if I didn't have pauldrons. So I made a pair. This is a common technique for me. First I slop a piece of paper around on the model and line out a shape. Then I put the paper on the table and fix jaggies and add any other practical bits I need (like tabs, sometimes). Cut the paper shape and see if it fits right. Adjust until you have it. Then use the paper bit as a template on some better material.

That results in this set of pauldrons for good ol' Z'Gokky.

And you might have noticed that something is missing from the last image of the completed model.

Yeah. That bit. I cut the central "face" support out and then nipped open the behind bit (I guess that's windows for operators to look out).

Then I glued in an LED light. You could make a simple switch circult for this. But that seems like a lot of work when you can just shove a battery between the leads.

The body had to be modded, too. I cut down the head support post until it would just hold the battery in place when the head was reconnected.

And that gives us a nice red eyed cyclops. Which is what both Z'Gok and Polyphemus are.