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Industrial Chemical Towers

Bits and pieces. Waste not, want not. [Insert aphorism here.]

I like the shape of this pomagranite juice bottle. Almost as much as I like the juice. It looks like a nice shape to go a little modern or scifi industrial on. I've enlisted the help of some cardboard tape roll cores and two-pack bottle hoders (from a different juice - I like juice).

The bottle necks were a little tall, so I had to cut them down. They will go top down, resting on the tape roll cores, so even though this is a decent looking cut, it didn't have to be.

Even if they didn't have to be good cuts, never rush this stuff. You end up destroyig your bits. Or at least, I do.

Here's the basic visual of the chem tower we are making. The cut bottle necks are nice and hidden away inside the rolls.

I'm going to base them two each on some mdf slats.

Now the next bit - nothing glued yet - the two-pack holders are going to be catwalks across the towers. This arrangement gives me a nice, tight square.

But this time, I'm actually going to measure something. I marked the positions for the square based on the two-pack length. The towers don't line up to make a symmetric shape with respect to the mdf slats.

So I took the tower base-to-base distance and split it across the crack between the mdf slats. I also moved them in that same half-distance from one end of the mdf. That gives me two lines of symmetry instead of total symmetry. I think that will be enough.

So now we glue them down.

And paint them up.

I added some greeblies. Marble track for ladders and some Hot Wheels engine bits at the base to be generic insttrial control borbles.

Also, I've only glued on the catwalks for the pairs of towers on the same base, but not the cross tower ones.

The cross tower ones just lay on top. That makes it two pieces instead of one big one. Easier to store.

And pretty stable, even with metal 28mm figures on them.

And we get a wide enough lane of approach between the towers.

But not gluing the cross catwalks also allows us to exploit the symmetry and configure in this Tetris like shape.

15mm guys this time. They still look at home. It just makes the towers bigger.

The line of symmetry on the end allows us to do the L shape for the 6mm guys.

Bigger still, the towers. But they look alright with the 6mm guys there. It's just a big borble control thingy.

And one last shape ... the chorus line. Like the towers, the yoghurt-bot tripods can work with a number of scales. I've got plenty of terrain for the tripods to tower over. Now I have some to hide behind too.