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Kim Possible & Co.

Here is the start. The teenager will be Ron Stoppable. Just have to paint him up in Ron's jersey.

For Kim, I'm using a Wargmes Factory femal survivor. Just have to use a twist tie from a loaf of bread to give her a pony tail.

But we need villains to go with Kim and Ron. So, Dr. Drakken and Shego.

Per Detagon is a good Drakken. He just needs the hair and the scar. The scar is painted on, but he has to have the big, spiky 80's hair. I used some fabric glue on the top of his head, and teased it up into spikes with my X-Acto knife.

She Hulk will do for SheGo. Down there on the ground is the head of a Green Flame 'Clix figure. Green Flame/Fire is basically a flying green translucent female. I have a bunch and break them up into bits to make all kinds of green glowy stuff. SheGo's fire attack will help sell the figure.

So, here's the set. I didn't go for green and blue skin for the bad guys, but I went for excessively pale skin. I think it made a fairly decent turnout.