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PowerPuff Girls

Ok, so my kids watched this when it came out originally. It was actually a cute, fun little cartoon. (And maybe I idetified with their villian, Mojo Jojo a bit!). And the three girls in different colors for a nice motif for variations on a theme, so, to the conversion machinne!

First things first, I used Wargames Factory female survivors as a base and made some adult age/anime versions of the girls. This was more an exercise in working with the motif. Like a sketch version. Still, the figs are good for an anime setting, or as people attending a scifi, comic, or anime convention.

The next step was a Charlie's Angels version. Keeping the color scheme, but making it more muted. And, of course, keeping the hair color and style. Pretty bastic secret agents here, and would work well for the good guys or the bad guys.

A step farther gives us the PostapocalypticPuff Girls. Over the top weapons, but still the same color scheme and hair. I had to add the ponytail and pigtails with Knedatite, pretty simple conversion. Plus, stand aside double katana wielding ninjas ... we have double chainsaws. Not much in the stealth department, but I think it makes up for it in terms of needing an extra morale check just to hang around.

The WGF female survivors set comes with a little girl in a dress figure. You end up with a lot of these left over, even after you make a few useful civilian figures. And in my orc conversions, I tend to have lots of extra skulls left over. Two problems with a common solution ... The PowerPuff Ghouls!

Even after these ones, I still have enough of this figure left to make twelve little girls in two straight lines ...