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Variations on a Theme

These are some little green pyramids we got somewhere for some reason. Probably in some old box of junk. Rather than make giant d4 out of them, I thought they would make nice accent pieces for several different genres.

So I started by jazzing them up with some gold paint streaks. The green and gold will be an undercoating. I will paint over it so that the green and gold "shows through" the outer casing.

So here are two plain ones. There are a lot of genres they would be good for. Green is a good Cthulu color, so, some elrtich thing under the ocean might have a couple of these on their lawn.

Following the theme, giving the pyramids a partial outer coating of black with some sand in it gives them a more celestial look.

And a little red and gold "ore" inside a Martian themed landscape bit always works well.