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Space Marine Penguin Paint Scheme

What else do I say other than the title?

OK ... Maybe a bit. The genesis of this idea probably started with my school colors space marines, where I used a bunch of "beakers" for my HS mascot, the golden eagles. I think that gave me the idea to do more bird themes for SMs. So, after a while of collecting up various cheap, broken, space marines, I had enough (40) to do a platoon of bird marines.

I debated over lots of different bird types. I may even do some of them later. Owls were big in consideration. In fact, I started this as grey owls, but once I got the beaks and white faces done (especially against the black primer), I had to do penguins.

Like the tiger-stripe marines in the sci fi containers I did a couple of weeks ago, the paint scheme unites the different variants of space marine I have due to collecting cheap ones.

If you're really good, you can look in there and see the different styles, brands, whatevers. But don't look too hard. I have some metal marines with plastic parts and vice-versa. Again, I think the mish-mash of parts comes out in the wash. Especially with this striking a contrast in the colors.

I did spend some time arranging weapons so I could organize by a visually recognizable type easily. F'r'ex, the squad leaders have chainswords. The platoon commander has a chainsword and the big wingy-insignia. The fire team leaders all have raised weapons, while fire team members have lowered or firing weapons. The special weapons will divide evenly across fire teams, squads, or collect to make their own squad...

Hey ... what are those guys looking at?

Oh! That!

I spent a decent amount of time trying to figure out what would be a good reference figure for the space pengins in the pictures. Then I realized they are space marines. They are one of my go-to figures for size reference in pics. I even psyched myself out with the whole penguin motif.


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