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Beasts with Radial Symmetry

These are the leftover bodies from last week's project. I've cut off the arms and legs of half of them and glued them on to the other half. I actually threw out the extra torsos. That's right. I threw them out instead of saving them. I regret it already ...

This is a horrible picture, however it is a common technique, so you can get a better view at my other fhtagn projects. I put indoor industrial adhesive on the stump, stick on some air dry clay, then twist it up and sculpt a mouth hole. Another dab of glue in the maw, and I shove in some type of slurpy long tongue. Sometimes I throw in shavings as teeth, too.

Then you just paint 'em up!

As always, my money is on the woman with the gun ... especially since it's granny.


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