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This is the box for the, I believe, first edition GW Blood Bowl orc team, the Orcland Raiders. I'm pretty sure these are the ones I am buying second hand. I'm also pretty sure I'm not paying $20 for them. But they're superceded for official play (I guess) and just old figs that some people don't want. And my intent is to convert them.

I'm using the same tail technique as my skunk orcs, the extremely difficult "glue a piece of pipe cleaner to the butt" method.

And, obviously, I have gone for a different animal tribe. The stripes on the tail and the masks on the faces make them easily recognizable as raccoons. I believe orcs are already vermin, so skunks, raccoons ... hmmmmmmmm what next?

Orcs. Eat all you want. We'll make more.