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Giraffe Conversion Techniques

So I was asked about a couple of technique things related to giraffe conversions [ giraffe men, giraffe trees ], so I dug through some pic and took some new ones.

This is a horde of scifi giraffe men. They use GW space marine bodies, Tau legs, Wargames Factory greatcoat arms and weapons, and da-da-da-daaaaahahahaha ... toy giraffe heads.

Toy giraffes are poorly painted cheap toys. Well, at least the cheap ones I am willing to shill out for. So they need a complete makeover, including the hide, head, and spots.

That where this "custom brush" technique comes in. Just roll up a piece of paper and dab on your spot color over your base color.

I found that using a stamp motion was a lot easier to control than trying to use a fiddly little brush to make spots again and again and again in a consistent, yet organic looking manner.

Here's the outcome. I think the spots appear to be consistent, ' yet still have the variety of looking realistic.

And here's my new team of 13 Giraffe Men!

I worked a bit on getting the heads to swing about in all directions. I think this gives it a good, active herd look. Completely realistic with respect to all identified giraffe like humanoids in the known galaxy.

And this is the pinning technique I used to make the alien plant tree trunks from the giraffe bodies.

I start by auguring a guide hole with my X-Acto knife.

Then I grind a paperclip end into the plastic.

I snip off the paperclip end to make a pin.

Then I mate the other piece to the first.

Now comes glue, since I have two holes that line up.

And final assembly!

I may need to make more giraffe men, just to get the leftover bodies.


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