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Some Random Conversions

This is a HeroClix Red Lantern Recruit. It's part of the Green Lantern milieu, except "bad guys". Green is powered by will. Red is powered by hate.

And he's got an adquately "evil" head and a nice, muscled anthropomorphic body. Good set of parts to work with.

So I take the evil heads off and put some random human ones, then add some random weapons and shields.

Then paint them up naked with lots of hair to make some fantasy barbarian beast men. More men than beast for these.

Some generic scifi troopers will take the evil heads. I believe these are Beyond the Gates of Antares.

And that gives us scifi evil monsters.

Here are some job lot Eldar that I got. Most of these were mostly complete. My other eldar have a "rainbow rank" system. Red = Grunt. Orange = Senior Enlised. Yellow = NCO. Green = Junior Officer. Blue = Senior Officer. Violet = General.

I guess the guy in black is some type fo regent or something. I only have one of him. One as in one mounted and unmounted of the same dude.

These are the rest of the job lot Eldar bits. Their colour scheme matches some of my VSF troops. And they make up a hunting party.

Some random larger heads finally found some larger bodies to go on.

Here's a job lot of job lot pieces. From left to right: An eldar with a human head = space pirate; two robo knights made with extra Necron legs and a couple leftover torsos; Two more wild men; and a dude with a toy elephant head.

Last but not least, a nice set of faeries. Blue ones made from a 'Clix Wasp figure. They already had wings, so I just colour shifted them and added some plastic net over the skintight spandex (that is now skin). The leader is a little different.

And an extra super with monarch wings.