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Variations on a Rat

I got some more Skaven bits from Mindtaker Minis. They have good job lots and some minis that meet my (admittedly cheap) price point. Of course, they need some work, but I enjoy that. The big thing you might notice here is that they are missing arms and arms (weapons).

But they had extra heads, so I had a good time cutting and fitting the ratmen heads to these extra ninja dudes I had.

The base idea to finish them is to steal extra arms I have, the sculpt the rest. The little bits of wire will be armatures to "sculpt" around.

That gives us this finished set. I had to improvise some weapons, too.

Here you can see that one guy just has a stick. A couple have whips ... oh, yeah, I had to improvse tails (bits of wire) whiche led me to giving the ratsies whips after I ran out of bits and ideas.

But I still did leverage some actual weapon bits too. I think ratmen deserve a hodge podge of armaments

And the command group. The flag on the one guy's back came from the ninja dudes. The sorcerer has a nice fireball working there ...

So, I have Mod Podge in one of those cheap acrylic paint bottles with the cap and the squirt hole (you know ... the ones you use to make space toilets when the paint is gone). Well, you always get "scabs" of paint around the bit where the paint comes out. But for the PVA, you get scabs of translucent glue. So just add that to the hand and hit it with some yellow, orange, and red Sharpie.

And for Ms. Allen's small two-door auto, I finished up the big rat-knights!