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Fantasy Rat Men

Another bout of recapitations, here. This time using Skaven Plague Monk (that is anthropomorphic rat-men) heads. This type of conversion shows how we can create consistency with disparate things. It also highlights what I think is our "focus point" with minis. Without an a priori bias (such as ... in 1843 the Trans-Slobovian Army shifted to a seven button uniform from their old six button), I think color, heads, and weapons are the three most important recognition factors for minis. In that order.

Also, these are the cheapest rat heads at Hoard O' Bits and since I don't have an affinity for the GW game they go with, they are as good as any other since stylistically they are all equivalent.

Here's the whole army. Twenty-five infantry and two cavalry.

The color theme is brown for the "skin tone", and grey base for clothing with green accents. Even though there are two shades of grey and three of green (and one figure with neither grey nor green), I think the color scheme unifies the force.

Everybody having rat heads helps, too.

These mace wielding rat-women are the Skaven heads put on to HeroClix Hawkgirl figures and supplemented with Wargames Factory Viking shields. Since I am using color and rat heads for consistency, I felt I needed to mix it up a bit with repositioning some arms.

That results in a pretty consistent, yet not identical mace squad for the force.

We move on to some more ratty (he he) figures. These are the unarmoured Wargames Factory Viking bodies and a mix of WGF and GW (and I think some leftover Old Glory maybe) weapons and shields.

The variation makes these guys more believable as rat men, which I would intuitvely expect to be motley. It also allows me to separate out the more consistently designed mace rats as an elite unit with different stats than regular rats, if we need that for a scenario.

A few long range troops are a good option for the force. But only a few. I would expect ratmen to be used mostly in a stealth-creeping or a close combat swarming capacity.

Cavalry also goes against the rat feel, but having a couple as a piquet or scouting party is a good idea. Plus, I needed fantasy figures as cavlary to justify the mounts.

The bodies are plastic toy elephants or rhinos that I took the heads from (for other conversions) The beetle heads (third eye added with a dollop of liquid latex) were3 left over from a cyber beetle conversion. Together, the disparate bits make a nice, weird, one-off fantasy mount.

One champion. The ratman with the handheld crossbow could be a leader. Or this guy could. Or, on a bulked up, muscular HeroClix Demon body, could be a warbeast, too.

Or just another rank-and-file ratter.

For pretty much the same reasons, these heads make a nice theme for sci-fi pirates.


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