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Rat Ogres

Hoard o' Bits has lots of fun stuff to use for conversion. I got a set of rat ogre heads for really cheap. Of course, the bodies are expensive, but I also have lots of cheap Heroclix, many of which are 28mm ogre-sized. Two great tastes that taste great together.
On the left we have Detroit Steel, who is some kind of giant robot suit wearing guy from Marvel. But by cutting off the robot head and adding the rat ogre head, we get a giant rat in power armour!
Then on the right, the base figure is a Dreamblade guy. Dreamblade never really caught on, but it had some of the most imaginative sculpts. This cybernetic abomination comes with a biker style head. Just pop that off, and the scifi rat forces get the ability to put lots of lead in the air.

Of course, fantasy figures can always be used in scifi, if not normally the other way around. On the left, this is just a World War Hulk figure ... big, brutal dude ... with the rat ogre head on him.
Likewise, this Marvel Rhino (a classic Spider-Man villain) is (I think) the "Ultimate" version, so is more armoured beast than dude-in-a-rhino-onesie. Regardless, the spikes on the armour go well with the spikes on the rat ogre head, helping bring the piece together.