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Archive of the Idea of the Week: Figures

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Recapitation Gallery

This is just a little gallery of conversion ideas based on recapitation ... cutting the head off of one thing, then putting it on another. Not the most amazingly original idea ever, but one that merits some exploring. There are two main sections: (1) putting a head on something different, and (2) swapping head for head with different things, and (3) some other weirdness that is a little more extensive, but still as simple as recapitation. Also, a few of these coversions also leverage additional bits (for example, my cow did not come with wings), and things like guns, wings, and tails (well, little pieces of wire) are fairly common and easy to obtain.

Mouse over the pics for amazingly insightful and witty comments. :)

New Heads
Anything can be a bug-man with an bug head and an extra pair of arms Girls + Cat Heads (+ Tails) = Cat Girls A big figure with an elephant head! Any plastic or rubber snake is a conversion piece. scifi snake @ far right - not a head; its a shoulder pauldron! GW tyrannid bodies and various heads.  Very versatile. Rat heads fantasy, female, scifi.  The bug head just makes the mount, no? The guy on the left is only wearing a mask if the guy on the right is in the force, otherwise, he's a monster. The Wars of Squiddish Succession have started! Unicorn?  No.  Horse head with a toothpick tip.
Head Swaps
Incredible Hulk, meet HO scale cow. This dog's head and no dog's body. After decapitation, giraffe bodies make nice little shrubs. Ape with man head.  Men with ape heads.
Odds and Ends
Shoving a torso between a cat head and cat body. GW orc bodies & dime store platic swine heads.  Look!  He's riding piggyback! Statue head, Robot Body, Cape Piece, and Too Many Arms! Notice anything familiar here? Yep. All these recapitations use the same (cheap) body.

Hopefully some of these examples will inspire you to something even weirder. If they do ... send us a picture.

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