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What's that Ontos?

These are sci-fi commies from some game. Warmachine ... maybe? Regardless, they have a good aesthetic and I always need more bad guys. So I bought them second hand and then "fixed" the bases. I also painted over whatever faction symbol the flag had. And I used six colours of red to give it shadows and highlights.

Wait a minute ... didn't that have a dirty commie star on it? What's up with the Khorne symbol (that's what it is ... c'mon, it's not that bad). So ... what's up with that?

Well, I used this littel trick. Instead of painting the faction symbol on the flag, I painted it on some small bits of plastic wrap (often called "cling wrap" ... right?) and outlines the symbol with fine tip black ink. That lets me swap the symbols out instead of swapping out the whole banner. Works pretty well.

I store the bits between parchment paper to keep them from crumpling up.

I have also used it for the symbol on a wrecked WWI airplane. DOM 3D printed me a bunch, and onee got mangled in the support removal process. So I made a wreck from it. Swapping out the roundel lets me pick a side without two (or three, or four ...) models.