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I 3> Reptosapien!

So this is the conversion figure du jour. I really like this one, since the way it is cast, it comes apart into some really nice, usefull peices fairly easily.

  • The snake head pretty much pops out by pulling on it. The jaw is separate, so grip it on the side, or it will collapse when removing the head.
  • The body is also a nice piece, pretty generic.
  • I haven't found a lot of uses for the arms, but they come off easily, so doing other things with the body are easy.
  • The tail. It pulls right out and makes a nice tail. Or tentacle
So, anywwy, when looking for a good conversion piece, this one is tops.

So this conversion is pretty obvious, but pretty cool still. Those are some GW lizard bodies you can get from Hoard O' Bits, or other bits locations. The weapons are leftover plastic ancients stuff.

Here's my favorite conversion with the bodies. Add four leftover arms, a few weapons, and the bug head from another HorrorClix piece, and you have roachmen.


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