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Rick and Morty

These are two HorrorClix that I got cheap in a big lot. I have used both before for conversions. Mostly, the brain eater makes a good generic mad scientist and the pyromaniac (yeah, they call the kid that) makes a good generic civilian child figure, after you pop him out of the flame circle (which is good for other conversions).

This time I have something a little more specific in mind.

I didn't mess with sculpting pointy hair, I figured painting grey hair over the bulgy brain would be good enough. I may go back and do that later. I added the gun to one hand, and removed the brain hand (which will make a good brain in a jar bit ... done that before, too).

Morty was just a repaint after the rebase.

The portal was just some marker for a game I don't know what it was, but I got a bunch of translucent bits in various sizes and shapes, so I was game. It's thick, too. 1/8". That let me paint green swirls on both sides and you can see the depth difference from front to back. And it catches ambient light nicely. I only took a dozen or so pix to make sure I caught how that comes on the table.