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Robed Cultists

This is your mark one, mod zero generic dude. From the waist up, he's the Anton Arcane Hero Clix Figure. From the waist down, RoboGear Infantry.

Having lots of Arcane tops means the rest made lots of giant spiders. Yep. Easy to guess. The left over RG legs are because I doubled up torsos to make four-armed green Martians.

But, it really doesn't matter where the figure comes from. It's just a frame with a head and hands to serve as a base for making papier-meche robed cultists. Any figure will do.

This is the secret sauce. A half capful of wood glue with a dot of black and a dot of while paint. Mix it up, and this will soak through our paper and make it firm.

Will it be as solid as a lead figure? But they hold up for years, and I haven't had one crumble yet.

And the other benefit is you end up with each figure being unique, which is much more necessary for figures running about in robes rather than Napoleonic figures in identical uniforms and parade ground poses.

Here are a few with a torn strip of paper napkin. I like this napkin because it has a nice texture to it. And you can get the free from fast food restraunts. Lots of different patterns out there to try.

The guy in front also has a bit of cross-stitch floss tied around the waist. SWMBO has all kinds of bits of thread left over, so I get them for things like belts, ropes, chains, etc.

It's good to tie it off with lots of slack like this. Next, I'll trim it down and push it back into the gooey, paint/glue soaked napkin.

These ones in front with the red I will leave like they are, gluing the floss to the base. Without shirts on, they will be like martial arts cultists.

In the back you can see a test fit for a strip of napkin to be the top. I just make the rest of the bits roughly the same size. When I wrap them around, they will be some hood up and some hood down.

So here's this lot, all finished.

You'll notice that the marital artists also got some red scars across their chests and arms.

What is so great about this bit is it is easy and a good way to use up some figure bits. Once you get in the swing, you can have a large army of cultists in no time.

Even though they are cheap and easy, they do turn out well. Since I have so many, and keep making more, I took some to a con and had the up for grabs at the flea market. I sold a couple dozen of them. Apparently they are good for Frostgrave cult bands.

Here's an older set (... 5 years? ... more?) with a slightly different theme.

If I recall properly, none of these guys actually have legs. They're just torso on a stand.