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Industrial/Military Barriers

This is the Rockman of Saturn/Korg HeroClix figure that came out recently to align with the Thor Ragnarok movie. Korgie looks a little different in the comics than in the movies. This is the comic version.

Beside the two colours, this sculpt has really nice spacing between the rocks. It's not just scored into shape with a thin cut, but the valleys are deep and wide. They could have done more with this texturing. So I guess I will.

We will start with adding some red splotches to the yellow ones.

Now we go for the texturing. A few runs of drybrushing two tones of dark grey over the surface gives us the radioactive cracks in the rock look for the green ones.

Then after detailing the armour/clothes we get radioactive rock men ...

... and lava rock men with yellow and red underneath.

These guys will go well with my lava terrain