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SciFi Bastions

So the green things are some beach sandcastle building toys. They were actually bright pink and probably on sale at the dollar store. I covered them with a primer, then painted on some green paint, sand, and wood glue mix to get the textured effect. They have some standy scifi doors that came from a Space Hulk type board game. But those make nice doors for conversions.

If that was it, this would be the end, not the start of the blog. If you look at the sides, they are angled (designed so the sand will keep shape). It's a nice visual, but doesn't work well trying to put them next to each other. Unless you want opponents to shoot and walk through the gap.

I have taken some thin cardboard (the Horrorclix cards are a little better than cereal box thickness and cut the angle into them.

Once I got the angle right, I used that card as a template to cut bevels into both ends of several cards. If you use two cards the same length, you get a straight gap filler. If you use one long and one short, you get an angled corner piece.

This specific piece I am working from has a big lip at the bottom, so I had to make a guide to cut the corners for that, too.

Check out the hot pink inside!

Add some top pieces and cross braces to the wall sections, and you end up with some sturdy pieces for making a longer wall. I have two potential gaps, so I made two straight pieces and two corner pieces.

As a result of that, there are tons of different combos I can make with these walls. Straight, bendy, doors facing in, doors facing out.