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Bigger and Badder Saucers

Some more variations of the crashed saucer and frisbee saucers projects. This time using 9" discs and some other miscelaneous plastic kitchen stuff (lids from cakes, plates, tupperware, etc.) that has lived its useful life. And a couple of variants on the small saucers, as we see to the right.

These are the same as the other small saucers, but this time with a nice rocket body cutout. Even though it is a flat cutout, the little frisbees and half candy eggs give it enough curve to make a passible Flash-Gordon style rocketship.

These three get an industrial paint job and some Cyrillic lettering. It says "PATROL". (BTW, here is a little help/rant about using Cyrillic letters.) I have some larger, industrial rockets and sites that these will work well with. I also used the natural ridges on the frisbee to put in a brass highlight ring. I've backed off the bits and nobs to make these ones more utilitarian.

Here is a collection of stuff and parts for other style saucers. We got a bunch of big frisbees at the drugstore for a buck a piece and picked up some more as free swag at a local waterfront festival.

Of note are the tupperware bowl and dog toy. Really just grabbed/kept those because we were in the swing of collecting weird pieces for flying saucers.

I made two of these basic grey ones using magnetic spray paint. Unlike project I did with the brush on kind, this wasn't strong enough to hold up a plastic figure on its side or upside down. It did stick, but even these light figure wouldn't stay. I'm guessing it would be fine for flat magnets on a flat surface (like a 'fridge).

I also made two slivery flashy ones. I did the same minimal detailing with the flat grey ones and have some flashing light rave rings in the holes around the central hub.

Since I was using the transparent half of the egg for these, I taped off some windows before spraypainting, then detailed edging around them after I removed the tape. I really should have built an internal diarama to look at through the windows. Lesson learned.

The tupperware one is staying an ominous black with a few gold details. Again, I used the groves in the lid and bowl portion to guide the application of the detailing. This made it very easy to apply with a Sharpie paint pen.

The little round piece of the starboard side is a removable sauce container. Well, was a removable sauce container. Now it's an escape pod or possibly a landing pod, as the situation necessitates.

And last, but definitely my fave, the dog chew toy. It just has a plastic Easter egg in the middle, a SuperGlue cap on the end for a gun/whatever, and a bottle cap at the back for an engine.

Using R/Y(well, gold)/B metallic paints and applying and mixing them in layers, this one turned out to be a winner.

And yes, after primer, paint, and sealant, it still squeaks!


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