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Sci Fi Interior Walls/Barriers

Superman is a good hero base. He is basically the archetype template for what a costumed superhero looks like because later writers basically used him as a template and readers used him as a reference. So he makes a good starter figure. And since there are tons of him in the Clix realm, you can always find cheap ones. And, fortunately, the cheaper ones are also the ones in the more basic poses, which are usually more open and thus easy for conversion.

The Horroclix insect man is needed for the head. Man Wolf will give up a couple of arms (since the insect man arms won't work); no big, I really only got him for the head, so using the rest is a bonus.

And this is pretty much what you get ... Scarab Man. Even though the insignia is rasied up on the cloak, it hides well in the folds once shading is applied, so I didn't need to figure out how to convert it. My thought was a golden insignia with strategically placed metallic blue, red, and green "gems" to hide the pattern.

I think the loincloth was a must. You really can't see it from many angles, but rather than giving this figure spandex underwear on the outside, this give him more of an ancient fantasy feel.

So here's what he looks like compared to a 28mm figure. And the colors fit well with theme. He's oviously superior to the run of the mill ancients because his clothes are clean.

I mounted him on a bit of twisted paperclip so I could adjust the height. I went for just above head height as a good flying pose.

And here he is in comparison with the other figure at arm's length, the most common way to look at him.