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These are some superhero figures from the HeroScape game Marvel set. Doctor Doom was always one of my favourites ... he and Spidey. Venom came along a while later and Silver Surfer was always kind cool, but kind weird.

Doom was the motivation for this, and everybody else is just along for the ride, while I'm doing it.

So this was where this was going. Not much. And I know a lot of people didn't like the FF movie where this happened. (Did it happen in the comics?) But it's Doom!

Without his board, Silver Surfer is just Shiny Dude. So I borrowed his arms to make Spiderman into an ant man (not Ant-Man). All he needed was a bit of glue and some antennae.

Spidey's buddy Venom got some twist ties glued into holes I drilled in his back with a craft knife. Since I had two of each of these figures, I figure Venom could make a nice Carnage.

Adding red to the brown base for the ant man gives us a nice fire ant look. I used a bright red and dry brushed on some metallic red for highlights.

And we end up with a decent Carnage to go with the plain old unmodified Spidey and Venom.


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