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Mystery, Inc.

So, this is a reference for painting up the familiar Scooby Doo Mystery, Inc. gang. Nothing really special in this one other than I made it with the Chibi Maker online application. Other than being kawaii, it also highlights that you don't really need to exactly replicate all the details of each member of the team to make it instantly recognizable. That is important since I am going to leverage Heroclix to make the gang instead of buying or sculpting highly specific figures.

Here are the four main figures. For Daphne, I have a conservative office lady in a nice suit. For Fred, I have an old guy with an ascot. Shaggy is just a lanky, mopy teenager. And Velma comes with pleated skirt and glasses as well as the bob haircut.

The color scheme is enough to make Daphne look like Daphne. I think the ascot pretty much does it for Fred ... who else wears an ascot? (Well, comic and pulp villians, thank goodness!). Shaggy's main aspect (other than the color scheme) is being gangly. And Velma really just needs to be bright orange, though the details on this one are really good.

Oh yeah ... we need a big dog. Goodness and Mercy will help us out.

And here they are mounted and repainted. It's not just the few required distinguishing characteristics that sells this, but also the ensemble.

I believe Fred best illustrates this. If you isolate Fred, you may not be able to place him in Mystery, Inc. But in the context of the other figures, you know who he is.