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Scrunts and Trolls and 'Clix ... Oh my!

So, Bob Olley, sculptor extrordinaire ran a kickstarter for some new scrunts he is doing. Now, I'm not a dwarf person, but the greens were amazing, they were very Victorian, and I have used 28mm tall dwarf heads to make trolls before, so with a little trepidation I went in.

I was not disappointed when the stuff arrived.

OK, I went ahead and assembled the figures (I got the Victorian Thugs set and the Rat Fight set, as those were the least "military" one available) they way they were supposed to be. But my original thought was to just get sets of the heads and put them on other, unarmed, bodies. So here are some Victorian scrunt heads on Heroclix bodies.

I did some minimal arm repositioning to get variety out of the limited number of chubby, tall, and (mostly) well-dressed 'clix - Kingpin (two versions, Blockbuster, Mr. Hyde, and even the Thing in trenchcoat).

Even though I was going for dressed-up Victorian era trolls (Northern european troll types, not D&D trolls), since there was one bare headed head, I figured I could make a nice leader from my other such trolls (made with GW ogre heads). This Olley head is on a 'clix Man-Thing body with a papier-mâché tunic.

This is the Victorian Thugs set. They are lightly armed, and only one gun. While scrunts warring against scrunts (or Gnome Wars gnomes) probably need guns, Scandinavian trolls that have survived underground (heh, heh) to the Victorian era probably (1) don't need 'em, and (2) wouldn't want to draw the attention.

Here is the rat fight set, with even less armament and more common place objects. Just right.

For some size perspective, Here are the ones I think will work well in an Old West setting as well, with some Knuckleduster banditos as a reference. I think the proportioning and height works very well for that type of troll ... hairy, big heads, chubby, hunched over a bit.

Here are the three Mr. Hyde minis (two versions) with a Pulp Figures Dangerous Dame as a reference. With the taller bodies, the heads are more in proportion, but still create the effect of an unnatural creature, rather than just a mini that is for a different scale.

Kingpin 'Clix and a GW Space Marine here. I am a little sad that I can't sculpt a right hand holding a snifter of cognac. If I could, the one on (your) left would be a dead ringer for my uncle.

Can't remember the manufacturer for these Japanese figures, but it gives a good size reference for an oni-type feel.

Some Tim Barry sculpted Dark Age figures are dealing with this more trolly-type troll ...

... who didn't come out too poorly. Looks like he actually belongs in a Swedish fairy-tale.

Since I mentioned the other troll projects, I thought I would show a few of them. These are GW ogre heads on 'clix bodies. The Man-Thing troll would be a good leader for them. Again, the fact that the head is scaled for a different size body gives (for me) that Northern European troll effect.

And here are ogre heads on some or other type of orc (ork? orque?) body. I don't remember why I made these guys blue/green, but since I have had them a while, I have used them in various situations, including my fave, Troll Ball.


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