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Miscelaneous Female Sculpts

So here are my other three sculpts from the compeition. None of these were castable. I was surpised that my other sculpt, Unit 0013 was because of the thinness of some of the details. But she was. And these weren't. Part of the learning process.

Here they are painted up. Regardless of castability, I am pretty pleased with how all three came out. Nice additions to their respective genres.

Sister Sara, the cultist, in the middle got the flame for her offering bowl. It's one of the three green blobs sculpted with her as options. See if you can spot the skull and fruit cornucopia on adorning other figures' bases.

Looking at Sister Sara from the side, the undercuts that would interfere with casting her are pretty obvious, even if they weren't to my novice eye when casting her.

Same goes with Grrreta. The long ponytail was a separate piece, but still, she is in too dynamic a pose for a one-piece cast. That said, I think she still looks ready to take on the post-apocalypse, black lipstick and all.

The shield is a major issue with Ursula, but so is the fur. The way it sweeps and swirls, hanging over here and there are a great look for her, but would be impossible to cast.

These four are my favourites among the winners (we got a free cast of each winning sculpt as well as casts of our own and an option to buy more if we wanted). Despite my paint jobs, I can see them getting a lot of use on the table.

Here are my next faves. Again, the three on the left can easily be put into a lot of the skirmish games I play. The young lady with the falcon (or dove, as I've painted it) could be useful for specific purposes.

Also, I'm not a fan of the gratuitous raising of the skirts on Medieval and Victorian figures. Not a prude -- several of the figures I like and sculpted are showing a fair amount of skin. But it really doesn't fit with the genre for me. Still it is a well-executed sculpt.

Here are the last three. Again, my paintjobs not withstanding, they are lovely sculpts. But just not something I could see myself putting on the table.

The left and right Wild West/Steampunk ones suffer even more from the obligatorily raised skirt. The one in the middle is weird. And if you've been through my archive, you know I do weird. Some how, it's either just not weird enough for me or too tame. Again, a lovely, well-executed sculpt, jut not my cup of absinthe.


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