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Angels and Demons

OK. Here are the major weird bits we are using for this conversion. The Mirage (female on pegasus) and hawkman will give us wings (for seraphim). The Awesome Android (robot head thing) and Stature (giant female) will give us 3" tall bodies that stand in for giants (nephilim).

I'm a bad person and don't have all the WIP pix, but the other parts are WGF ancients (various) and GW ogre heads, which are easy to get as bits fairly cheaply.

The main idea is to take ancients in tunics, glom on some wings, and give them an aethereal paint job. White base and off white/yellow highlights seemed to work well. A little more celestial and alien look than just dudes in robes with wings.

Using an armoured figure with a helm and the large wings from the pegasus figure (which now becomes a horse with an Indian princess on it), gives us an archangel with enough visual distinction. With the homogeneous paint job, it is important to have a big visual cue to distinguish the leaders/specials. I think he also has some type of grossly oversized weapon from some (GW?) set or another...

Now we get our first nephilim. Just the giant 'clix body with the nice GW head (I've used these on trolls and giants other times). I used flock with grey paint and glue to make the furry tunics for the nephilim to cover the loincloth.

You can also see a female nephlim in the background. Just a paintjob and a new outift, which goes easily over top of the tight spandex superhero outfit she is wearing. I've used Stature in my Kali conversion as well.

Here's an overhead battle. The trees and bushes are Litko game markers. They are supposed to be nuke blast and smoke markers. I like the bushes because they give a good visual obstruction on the board, they are easy to calculate things link blocked line of fire (especially using the 2.5 method). The nuke makers make a good compromise betwen trees that look like trees, have bulk, but you can still climb them. You can also put a figure's base "in" the "X" of the base, showing a figure leaning up against the trunk of the tree. Calculating lines of fire around the "X" gives a reasonable block/protect for the tree without a bunch of detailed mechanics.


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