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Pretty standard approach here. Take some old CDs and glue some random stuff to them. In this case, I'm making some ruins. So I'm using a bunch of corner pieces from packaging.

The tall vertical one in the back has already been given a stonework pattern. Using a black ballpoint pen and pressing hard both makes groves for mortar in the surface and also the black will bleed through a couple layers of paint, auto-shading the piece.

More of the same. In the back that card that had a punch out to remove a SIM card will make a nice windowed wall. Other than that ... bits and greeblies.

One piece of corrugated cardboard gives this one a modern industrial wasteland feel.

Likewise with the windowed wall. A nice place for an insurgent to peek out.

The tower walls can with with a lot of different milieu. Even though there will not be a lot of weight (just a few minis ... these are plastic, too), I still put a brace under the second floor. Still plenty of room for guys in the first floor.

And generic stone bits also work with a lot of different milieu.

This base is made of bases (not a CD). The square pieces will make a nice tiled stone floor.

I just carved this folderol out of foam and glued down some other foam bits to keep the arch from being too isolated. It doesn't need much in the way of statuary and plants to finish it off.