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Scorpion Flies

Butterflies! Everybody likes butterflies!

Scorpions! Everybody likes scorpions!

These pre-made butterflies come mounted on wires because they are supposed to be put into bouquets.

We will use the wires, cutting them short and bending the end to make a shape to mount on a base. And we will cut the ends of the bodies to make a spot to mount the stinger tails.

Which means we have to cut up the scorpions. Fortunately, these are in what I call "open" poses ... in poses that it makes them easy to dismember. Removing the tail and the claws will be enough to get the scorpion effect on to the butterflies.

Then we just glue the bits on to the butterfly bodies.

Apparently I didn't take a picture of it, but the other end of the wire gets embedded in air dry clay and mounted on a metal washer. The clay will keep the wire steady. I used metal washers because they weigh more that twice the other components together, so they will keep the balance.

And then just paint them up. I went with red for the bodies. I did a fade from the red color on to the tails and claws, so the ends of them retain the original rubbery translucent coloring. The eyes are metallic red and the ends of the antennae are glossy black.

The weight of the washers keeps them stable, even on the curved surface of the mushrooms. Basically, they're as stable as other minis (which balance on these 'shrooms just fine).

But we still have the little bits of body we cut off. Can't throw those away. Just mount them on bases.

And paint them up to make MAGGOTS! I've used lots of truncated segmented bits to make other maggots. They form an important part of monster bug scenarios, either being objectives or larval stages of monsters that can mature within the tinmeframe of a game.

And the rest of the scorpion bodies are obviously good for this. I like these ones because they are an intermediate size between my other two brown spider sizes.