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Rhinocerous and Hammerhead. Two great tastes that taste great together.

It turns out that to mix and match, I ended up needing some fins from this turtle. Otherwise Hammerhead head on rhino body was too plain.

I used the other fins for a Chtulhu conversion.

The sea creatures (from a toystore $5 for 5 toys sale item), come apart by unscrewing the bottom. The rhino took a little coping saw to the neck to remove the head.

Here at the bits that will make the land hammerhead.

I drilled a couple holes in the body and fins to add some toothpick supports.

And here is the assembled sharknocerous.

But, getting the head on him, I felt he was too plain as well. So I extended the rhino armour plating concept down the back of the shark with some Crayola air dry clay.

And on a big base, he ends up like this.

I did progressive grey with this, starting with a dark mix from the top, then adding more white as I went along. Then I went back and did some highlight drybrushing of the top edges with the lightest colour.

And here is the land hammerhead, using the same progressive paint technique, but with blue this time.

And I continued by building a lift-off howdah using this technique.