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An old shoe. The perfect thing for a Gnome house!

And as luck would have it, a purse had to be retired around the same time.

The shoe will need a little internal support. I wadded up some paper and shoved it down into the toe and then put some thin cardboard in a tube shape to hold up the boot. So, basically it's like a shoe in a box ready to be sold. Same idea.

The purse needs supports as well. This time with a piece of corrugated cardboard in an accordion fold.

The door and window came from a garden gnome decoration that was on sale because it was cracked. $1.00 and I get all the fixtures.

I cleaned up the boot and decided to go with dark brown and light brown sole/laces with red lacing buttons. Tres chic!

No colour change for the purse. Just a corrugated card roof.

It's pretty easy to make. Just cut the cardboard into rectangles to surround the purse. Then cut one angle. Copy that angle to all the other corners. The top brace finishes it off (and holds it together).

And a red one for the boot, to match the button accents. This will just be a regular A frame roof.

For the purse, I held the window in place and used a pen to mark the inside of the windows. Then I painted metallic blue in the spots where they will go.

The boot is glued to a board. I painted a garden square and put glue all around for flock. I left a swipe without glue for a path to the door.

Between the purse and the roof, I will put some vines. I laid down a stripe of duct tape, put the garland bits on and then closed it with a piece of tape on top.

valance garlands are a great way to get plants for wargaming. In the craft stores, once the current ones go out of season, they get a big discount. I don't understand. They're plastic plants. They'll keep until next year. I don't understand. But I buy them at a discount anyway.

Here's some bits to go in the garland. The scarecrow is a Horrorclix scary spirit dude, stuck on a Q-Tip shaft.

You can also see the talus over the glued to the path after the flock was set.

I need a door for the shoe. I used my paper frame technique. I held a piece of paper up to one side where the door goes. I cut it a few times until it fit the curve of the boot. Then I did the same for the other side. I took both curves and put them with a rectangle in the middle. This will be my template for the door.

Here's the purse house, with some Gnomes and other Gnomehomes.

And the shoe.

Here's a close up of the door. I added a red accent roof. I don't think the little old lady likes her tuba serenade.