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Space Marines on Hover Boards

These are two Star Wars droid ships ... the scarab and the vulture. This project will use them as flying skateboards for some space marines.

It's pretty simple. Paint up the marines (in this case, Iron Snakes). And paint up the boards to match. The vulture ships needed a little chip of cardboard to extend the body for the back foot.

OK, actually for the front foot. The SM sit level on the scarab, but the vulture has a hump for the cockpit (because its a droid ship?), so I decided to go with the back leg on the hump, making the SM figure "leaning forward" on the board.

Oh, yeah. I painted up another Iron Snakes dreadnaught. This one will be Hades (a chaplain), so I also converted a SoB seraphim to be his Persephone. The "jet blast" on the back is the "swoosh" from a Captian America shield in flight.