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Sci Fi Scatter

This bit of scatter terrain was made from the base of a game I never got into. Apparetnly it didn't do well, since I tend to pick up random minis from discount bins (or the online equivalent) for $0.50 each or less. I think it was some big pterodactyl scifi figure on it. But I liked the base, so I kept it.

What I like about the base was the spinny part. The figure stood on the squared part and there were two separate move/attack stats on the round bit. I assume you flip it during the game based on conditions.

It took me a while to figure out where this would end up. I tried a couple of other options that I gave up on. Then I got a deformed 25mm base (OK, 1" counting chip). It looks like the chip slipped and got cut three times. That turned out to be a great abstract symbol for this spinny bit. Now it's some type of scifi or fantasy signaling station. With two states.

And keeping with the random scatter theme, These are two old, old (,old, old, ...) paint pots. It seemed a shame to lose the dried paint in them, so I kept them to make swirly liquid vats. I got around to it this past week. A little decoration with a gear on top, and wires glued to the top that route to beads added to the side. Plasma jars. Waste purification stations. Construction raw materials. Gaseous alien entities. Whatever the scenario calls for, really.