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Marijuana Farm

Here is my proper necron force, as opposed to my chibi Necrons. I got a bunch of second-hand minis that needed some work. So I did some repairs/conversions, then did some upgrades and other work to augment the force.

One of the big things, after some minor repairs was the lack of enough green energy sticks. I did get some proper rods, but not enough to fill in all the empty guns. But those rods come in sprues made of the same material, so I just cut some sprue bits to fill in the rest.

... and enough left over to make some additonal custom heavy weapons like this.

Then for the bigger scratchbuild, I figured they could use a giant mecha spider. The base is this cheap halloween spider skeleton, which is likely to be on sale in a couple weeks.

For a discussion of endoskeletons and my arachnophobia, see this other article.

The CD is going to be the walking platform. The corrugated cardboard will give that some texture. And the gears and machine bit will tech up a bit.

And the piece of resistance, two green LEDs taped to a watch battery to go inside the skull for glowing eyes. I could have built a "circuit" for this, complete with a switch, but that seemed like a lot of work for something this simple. Just tape it up for the game and take it apart for storage.

Some less dramatic scratchbuilds were made with Cheap two-inch tall plastic skellies, which will also likely be on sale soon. Of course, all the Halloween garbage is cheap anyway, so why wait in case they run out?

The skellies are augmented with extra guns and robot parts from other miniature kits, mostly from the Grind board game. Ten big robots pretty cheap with tons of extras for this type of conversion.

They are hiding the back of this shot of the spider.

And here's how they look, up close and personal.

One more two-inch guy, with a regular necron for reference, and a "big gun" I made with skellie arm bits, mounted on the ribs of the spider skellie.

And the big guy, close up.