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Undead Skeletal Dragon

So, after Halloween (like all other holidays where we spend money on decorations that we will throw away in a few days), the leftover decorations go on massive sale the day after.

I got these guys for $0.99 each with the goal of putting the bat wings on the giant rat to make a skeletal dragon.

I would never buy these as decorations because, following a recent inexplicable trend, they put ears on skeletons. Guess what? Animals don't have ear bones. For a conversion, this is easily fixed.

Upon close inspection, I decided to swap heads too. The bat head and fangs just looked more dragony.

Interestingly, after decapitation, the heads are put on using two different methods. This means I will have to pin and glue the head. I don't always pin parts, but for a big piece like this, it will need the extra support.

So here is the pin joint I made. I just dug out a hole with a thin tip X-Acto knife and cut a wooden peg to fig.

The new head is already on. Did the same thing, then filled the gap with some air dry clay. The clay needs to be sealed, otherwise it will crack. But with a little PVA on it after it has dried through, I don't have problems with it coming apart.

Here he is all together. He's very big. Hard to get on to a 12"x12" tile and take a whole perspective picture.

Ummmm ... Dungeon Master ... are you sure you read that random encounter table right?